Is Your GPS Set to the Right Destination?

Every year the National Court Reporters Association holds a Business Summit for court reporters and firm owners to network with other firm owners and gain business tools to help with their success.  Photo by capnsnap on Unsplash

While attending the Business Summit this year, we attended a session that was presented by a very engaging speaker by the name of Karim Ellis.  He was full of personality and was able to present his ideas and message in a very relatable way.

One of his sessions was called “GPS Your Success.”  Here’s the […]

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In Memory of Linda Sturm


Our hearts are very heavy today after the passing of one of the co-founders of PRI, Linda Sturm. Linda co-founded Professional Reporters, Inc. (PRI) in 1980 and worked tirelessly to advance the court reporting field as well as the CART/captioning field. She was a leader in Columbus in both areas, which is demonstrated by being one of the first to provide realtime translation in depositions and developing and providing closed captioning for WCMH.

Linda had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best attorneys the city of Columbus has had. She often […]

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My Experience with Jury Duty – by Rhonda Lawrence

16140571199_fddf693906_z (1)I have been called to jury duty twice, and both times I was released immediately for the mere fact that I am a court reporter, being told I know too much about the legal process and know too many attorneys.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to be a CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) provider for a hearing-impaired juror.  Not only was it my first opportunity to sit with a jury, but it was also my first murder trial.  Working as a freelance reporter, generally all of […]

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Are YOU Your Toughest Competitor?

“The individual who only does enough to get by seldom gets much more than “by.” – Napoleon Hill

We’ve all heard the sayings, “You get out what you put in,” or “Garbage in, garbage out,” but this quote that I received in my daily e-mail from the Napoleon Hill Foundation freshened up this principle for me.

If you want to get more than “by,” how about applying these principles to your career, your faith, and your personal relationships in the coming year?  Not a New Year’s resolution, but a commitment to yourself to do your personal best every day.

The phrase that struck […]

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Lessons Learned – by Angie Starbuck, RPR/CRR

As I left the blustery, cold weather of Columbus for the surfer-size waves and sunshine of Laguna Niguel, California, I anticipated all the knowledge I would gain at my first Firm Owners Conference sponsored by the National Court Reporters Association.  Little did I know I would make quick friends with other firm owners across the country and that they would be so willing to share their knowledge and experience to the newcomer.

I learned that a large networking event like Firm Owners can be like speed dating: Introduce yourself, exchange contact information and a little bit about each other, and move […]

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A Remarkable Evening – by Sara Clark, RPR/CRR/CCP/CBC

I had the unique opportunity last month to take an assignment for PRI Court Reporting at the 10th anniversary of The New Albany Community Foundation Remarkable Evening event, where former President Bill Clinton was the guest speaker.  PRI was asked to provide an overnight verbatim transcript of the President’s remarks so there could be no possible “misquotations” of him.  I, of course, was beyond thrilled to be asked to cover this job.  After I cleared the required background check (what a relief that was!), I was ready for the big event.

I was asked to arrive three hours prior to the […]

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The Ohio Court Reporters Association (OCRA – NOT pronounced okra) met 3/4/11 through 3/6/11. A good time was had by all. Besides fun we also learned much. A seminar on commas and one on the semicolon, we were in punctuation heaven. The only thing better is when National had an all-day seminar on punctuation. There were good seminars, festivities for all, and Julia from PRI was installed this year again as a district director.  Easton Columbus with OCRA, what better way to spend a rainy weekend?

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2010 Certification Update

Continuing to work with the Supreme Court of Ohio and the Ohio Court Reporters Association, Linda Sturm seeks to improve the quality of the profession in Ohio by requiring a rule that all Ohio court reporters be certified. “There are currently no minimum standards for the person charged with writing a verbatim record in a capital murder case or $15,000,000 lawsuit. The person who cuts your hair must be certified. Why not the person responsible for the record? Most attorneys and the public are unaware that court reporters meet zero minimum standards in Ohio. 32 Other states require certification or […]

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Supreme Court of Ohio, Judicial College: A Workshop for Official Reporters of Ohio

Linda Sturm presented a half-day and full-day seminars for the court reporters working for judges throughout the state of Ohio. Linda shared her knowledge of realtime writing and encouragement to provide realtime in the courtroom.

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The Supreme Court of Ohio releases Report and Recommendations of the Task Force on the Certification of Court Reporters.

Linda Sturm, president and owner of PRI, past president of the Ohio Court Reporters Association, task force member appointed by the Honorable Chief Justice Thomas Moyer in March of 2006.

For the full report see:

For OCRA Web announcement on Report and Buckeye Record articles go to:

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