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Professional Court Reporting Services

PRI’s court reporters are employees that are dedicated to our firm and the success of our clients. Operating locally in Columbus, Ohio, we know the legal community and have built strong relationships. PRI’s stenographic court reporters have the experience to handle the most immediate needs of our clients. They have the qualifications, certifications, and expertise to fulfill our promise of being Prompt. Precise. Professional.

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In-Person Depositions

If you’re holding your deposition in person, PRI can provide an experienced stenographic court reporter to cover it. These are PRI employees, so they are committed to our success and yours. They all have experience in the various types of litigation involved in depositions including business litigation, domestic relations, insurance defense, and many more.

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Convenient Remote Depositions

Travel and logistics can steal resources from a time-sensitive case. PRI offers fully remote legal proceedings to help improve the overall efficiency of your case with no impact on the quality of service. And regardless of where your witness is located, we ensure you have a reliable stenographic court reporter to cover your remote deposition.

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Other Ways PRI Can Help You

  • Realtime Reporting

    We can send a realtime translation feed to your laptop or we can provide a device for your use during the deposition. This service is available for both in-person and remote depositions.

  • Rough Drafts

    Upon your request, PRI can provide a rough draft during or at the conclusion of a deposition.

  • Trials & Arbitrations

    You can schedule a specific PRI court reporter to cover your trial or arbitration to ensure continuity throughout the process. We know building relationships and trust is important.

  • Video Depositions for Trial Presentation

    We provide videography services for your depositions. The videos can be produced in various digital formats to work with your litigation software.

Video/Text Synchronization

We offer transcripts that are synchronized with video depositions, along with linked exhibits. This allows you to view the video and transcript simultaneously. A synchronized transcript gives you the power to instantly jump to a specific place in the video by performing a word search or using the page and line number from the transcript. Our video/text synchronization service is compatible with Trial Director, Summation, LiveNote, and Windows Media Player.

Clear Videoconferencing To Improve Communication

PRI utilizes leading-edge equipment in its Columbus, Ohio, conference center. We can host video conferenced meetings, interviews, depositions, and more. When scheduling in our conference center, you will have access to our two high-definition 42” LCD monitors and Polycom equipment.

Are You Prepared For Your Deposition?

Download the Quick Deposition Scheduling Checklist to help make sure you have gathered all the details needed when scheduling your next deposition.

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