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Court Reporting FAQs:

Can you do a deposition via Zoom?

The deposition landscape has changed quite a bit. But PRI has been doing remote depositions since long before COVID. We now do them via Zoom. It’s a simple setup process and we can handle all the logistics for you.

Can you cover out-of-town (or state) jobs?

If you need an in-person deposition in another city or state, you can count on PRI to handle all the logistics for you. We will work with our colleagues to secure a court reporter, a videographer, a location, or anything else you may need. Consider PRI your concierge of court reporting!

Can an Ohio court reporter swear in a witness in another state?

With all the changes in remote depositions, many states have modified their rules to permit the remote oath administration. However, several states have Certified Shorthand Reporters who are the only reporters permitted to cover depositions located in those states. Some of those states are California, Washington, Oregon, and Illinois. So the venue of the case and the location of the witness during the remote deposition will determine if an Ohio court reporter can cover the deposition or if we need to secure a CSR in another state.

Can court reporters swear in witnesses remotely?

The venue of the case, the location of the witness during the remote deposition, and the local rules will determine who can swear in the witness in a remote deposition. Many states require a reporter either be a Certified Shorthand Reporter or notary public in that state.

Do you use digital recorders for depositions?

PRI does not utilize digital recorders to cover our depositions. We are a stenography-only firm. We believe that a live stenographer is the gold standard for accuracy, confidentiality, and professionalism. With a stenographic court reporter, you can be sure your case is handled with confidentiality by an officer of the court. Your deposition transcript won’t be outsourced to several different transcriptionists in unknown locations.

Is there a shortage of court reporters?

While it’s true that the field of court reporters is aging, there are still many new students learning the profession of court reporting. In some areas of the country, firms are experiencing difficulty getting court reporters to cover their depositions. It’s important to plan ahead and schedule your reporter well in advance. It would also be helpful to include your court reporter or court reporting firm in your scheduling discussions about the dates of your depositions. There’s no doubt that remote depositions have eased some of the pinch of finding a stenographic court reporter because a court reporter can cover many depositions throughout their state and they can cover more than one a day.

Do you have conference rooms?

We do have two conference rooms in our downtown Columbus office. You can conduct your meeting, deposition, job interview in either of our conference rooms. We can also host the witness with the out-of-town attorneys appearing remotely.

Do you have parking available?

We have a rarity in a downtown Columbus office space – a free parking lot!

Does PRI cover arbitrations?

We know how important it is to build relationships with our clients. The trust you build with PRI court reporters is the perfect reason to hire them to cover your arbitrations. The will provide continuity in the transcripts and they will know the parties involved. It’s a perfect fit!

Can you provide a realtime feed (either remotely or on-site)?

Our court reporters can provide a realtime feed to your device or we can provide a device for you to view the realtime feed. We can do this whether the deposition is remote or in person.

Are court reporters available for evening/weekend depositions?

We understand that your case doesn’t run on banker’s hours. So we’re here for you when you need us – evenings and weekends, too!

CART/Captioning FAQs:

How do you get live captions in Zoom?

To display live captions in Zoom, our captioners will be assigned as a panelist/presenter (if it’s a webinar). Then the host of the webinar will need to assign the captioner to provide captions. Our captioner, by using their stenography machine, can either caption directly into the Zoom platform or they use a secondary streaming site and link up with Zoom to display captions.

Do you use artificial intelligence for captioning?

PRI only uses live stenographers to provide CART captioning. We believe that live captioners are the most effective way to provide full and equal access. Automated captioning using AI doesn’t always provide punctuation, it doesn’t provide speaker identifications, and cannot always distinguish speech patterns or accents.

What prep materials do I need to provide?

The more information the captioner can get in advance of an event, the better the captions will be.  Most clients send things like an agenda, a run of show, speaker names, and scripts. Remember, they don’t have to be final documents – even a rough draft will help us get proper spellings and content.

How much does it cost for a live captioner?

The cost for a captioner can vary depending on the type of event, the length, the connection platform, and the number of breakout sessions. Live captioning may cost a little more than automated captioning with ASR. This is because you will get a live person providing captions and the captioning quality will be better and more readable than automated captioning. If you talk through your event with your preferred captioning firm, they can give you an estimated cost for your event.

Does the cost of CART/captioning include a transcript of the event/meeting/class?

Yes, our captioning fees include a rough file of the event. These files are not edited or proofread. If you’d like to receive this file, please let us know prior to the event.

Can you provide captioning on-site?

Of course! We love to meet with clients and consumers in person and we can’t wait to get back to that method of captioning. We can provide CART captioning for one person utilizing a laptop to view the text or we can utilize an overhead projector to display the text on a large screen for everyone in the room to view the text.  PRI can also provide integrated captioning and video on different platforms, working with your AV/tech team to get the result you’re looking for.

What platforms can you connect to for remote CART/captioning?

We have worked with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, Blackboard, Adobe Connect, and many proprietary platforms. Give us a call and we’ll talk through your setup and see if our captions can be integrated with your platform!

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