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PRI's Remote Deposition Services & Technology

The way we work has changed, possibly forever. PRI has offered remote deposition services for almost a decade, but technology has evolved and, today, remote depositions are more simple than ever.  This option conveniently allows everyone involved in the deposition to participate from wherever they are by simply using a webcam, tablet, smartphone, or another device with a secure Internet connection. 

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What Are The Benefits of Remote Depositions?

There are many advantages of remote depositions, and their use has grown substantially. It’s like being there without the travel time and expense. You can participate in meetings and depositions without leaving town, allowing you more time to spend on your case or with your client, while saving them money.

The Technologies We Use & How We Can Help

Utilizing a secure videoconferencing platform like Zoom, PRI can host participants and witnesses in our Columbus, Ohio, office and handle the entire setup for a remote deposition. We can also host the deposition entirely remotely on one of our Zoom accounts and provide links for all participants to join from the comfort and convenience of their own office.

Remote Services Are The Ideal Travel Alternative For:

  • Depositions
  • Strategy sessions
  • Expert consultations
  • Trial preparation
  • Settlement
  • Interviews
  • Meetings and seminars
  • Training

Ready to Harness The Power of Remote Depositions?

Get in touch with PRI today and a trusted member of our team will respond quickly with the answers to any questions you may have. Spend less time worrying about logistics and more time preparing for your case.

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