Is Your GPS Set to the Right Destination?

Every year the National Court Reporters Association holds a Business Summit for court reporters and firm owners to network with other firm owners and gain business tools to help with their success.  Photo by capnsnap on Unsplash

While attending the Business Summit this year, we attended a session that was presented by a very engaging speaker by the name of Karim Ellis.  He was full of personality and was able to present his ideas and message in a very relatable way.

One of his sessions was called “GPS Your Success.”  Here’s the […]

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Would You Jeopardize Your Case?



Many attorneys and paralegals across the country get calls, e-mails, solicitations from large court reporting firms with an offer of great perks if the attorney will agree to allow that firm to cover all of their depositions.  Perhaps you personally have been the recipient of these efforts.  Your client, whether a large corporation or insurance company, may also be the recipient of these efforts.  These offers always sound beneficial in one way or another.  It may be a reduced rate on the transcript order.  It may be a waived appearance fee.  […]

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Are YOU Your Toughest Competitor?

“The individual who only does enough to get by seldom gets much more than “by.” – Napoleon Hill

We’ve all heard the sayings, “You get out what you put in,” or “Garbage in, garbage out,” but this quote that I received in my daily e-mail from the Napoleon Hill Foundation freshened up this principle for me.

If you want to get more than “by,” how about applying these principles to your career, your faith, and your personal relationships in the coming year?  Not a New Year’s resolution, but a commitment to yourself to do your personal best every day.

The phrase that struck […]

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How Can We Help You?

Our tagline reads:  Prompt.  Precise.  Professional.

Those are only three of the ways we can help our clients be more successful.

The court reporters at PRI are prompt, on time and ready to report the proceedings they are called upon for.  We deliver the transcripts on or before the expected delivery date.  Timing is important to you, so it is important to us.

We are precise.  In our profession, our duty is to report the proceedings before us in an unbiased, verbatim manner.  We take that duty seriously and strive to help attorneys and witnesses understand that a clean […]

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Captioning is glamorous; right? But 40 degrees! In a tent. Really!

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Streaming Text

PRI can stream your text over the Web. The participants merely log on to and go to the chat room and can securely watch what is being said.

Witnesses, other attorneys in the case, or participants at seminars might find this useful. The reporter only needs an Internet connection. Call to schedule your realtime streaming text function.

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Training and Learning in Warm Climates

PRI has had a busy February already with much training and learning.  Hard to believe it’s only Valentine’s Day.  Karen and Linda went to Tucson, Arizona, for the firm owners conference, and Angie Starbuck, Carmen Maley and Sara Clark went to Orlando, Florida for software training on Advantage software’s new Eclipse 5.  They just happened to be in warm climates.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Columbus, Ohio, in February.  Much was learned, and we all received a good dose of Vitamin D.

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Wireless Realtime

PRI reporters are utilizing wireless realtime – no more wires!  No more serial ports!  For more information, click on the Realtime Reporting tab.

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PRI Offices

PRI is located at 390 South Washington Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215. PRI is located to easy freeway access, has free parking, and is downtown Columbus, close to the courthouse. PRI has free deluxe conference rooms for depositions or video conference.

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