PRI Court Reporting is lucky enough to have a very talented and friendly team of employees.  Julia Lamb is a court reporter in Columbus, Ohio.  She has been with PRI for eight  years, and we’re so happy to have someone with Julia’s skills on our team.  You have probably met Julia at a deposition, so here’s a chance to get to know her a little better.

How long have you been working at PRI?
I started with PRI in July of 2006.

How long have you been a court reporter?
I have been a court reporter for over 26 years.

What court reporting experience did you have prior to joining PRI?
I worked in Franklin County Domestic Court for five years, and I worked for another court reporting firm for 14 years before that.

What do you like most about working at PRI?
The people I work with are great.  Karen and Gary are always so helpful and all the court reporters have a good camaraderie.

Where are you from or where did you grow up?
I am from Canton, Ohio, where I lived since the age of 13.  Before that, we lived in Michigan.

Before working as a court reporter, did you have another career or job?
I was a secretary at night at the Canton Jewish Community Center while attending college, and I began babysitting when I was 11 years old.

What is one thing you would like our clients to know about court reporting?
We are humans and we make mistakes.

What’s the most unusual deposition situation you’ve found yourself in?
Alone in a locked room at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility with an inmate weighing well over 300 pounds, and not handcuffed, while the attorneys left the room to see if they had further questions.

What is on your iPod?
I haven’t been bit by the Apple bug yet, but I love the radio…lol.

What is one thing our clients don’t know about you?
I am a good cook – but don’t tell my husband because he does the cooking and I want to keep it that way!!

What is your favorite Columbus restaurant?
Who can pick one when there are so many?!?

What is your favorite app?
Gas Buddy.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?
Spend time with my family.

What is your best tip for balancing work/life/family?
Don’t procrastinate.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Julia.  Look for more interviews with other PRI Court Reporting staff in the future.

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