Video Conferences



In today’s economic times, we all need to find ways to work more efficiently. Our high-definition videoconferencing system is like being there without the travel time and expense. You can participate in meetings and depositions without leaving town, allowing you more time to spend on your case or client, while saving them money.

videocamBuilding on our extensive experience in videoconferencing, PRI utilizes leading-edge equipment and is committed to providing current industry technology. Our proficiency using this technology ensures that it is integrated to make your meeting hassle-free, and the technology aids in your productivity. Conduct your next video conference utilizing our two high-definition 42” LCD monitors and Polycom equipment. These side-by-side monitors can work with simultaneous document and speaker viewing. A DVD of your video conference can also be provided upon request.

Video conferences are the ideal travel alternative for:


  • Depositions
  • Strategy sessions
  • Expert consultations
  • Trial preparation
  • Settlement


  • Interviews
  • Meetings and seminars
  • Training