Support Services


The PRI Court Reporting internal support team works hard for you. By partnering with you and your litigation team, our friendly staff will accommodate your needs with efficiency so you can focus on your clients.

Below are some of the many litigation support services that are standard for PRI Court Reporting.

  • Subpoenas issued and processed
  • Exhibit copies can be provided in various formats (hard copy and electronic)
  • Online scheduling
  • E-mail confirmation of all jobs scheduled
  • Online repository allows you 24/7 access to:
    • Your invoices
    • Your calendar of jobs scheduled with PRI
    • Exhibits from depositions
    • Downloadable transcripts you have purchased
  • Our standard delivery method is electronic, including the following:
    • Full-size PDF, compressed PDF with word index, PRI Portfolio, and ASCII files
    • Exhibits are included and hyperlinked within the PRI Portfolio if copies are purchased
    • A printed hard copy transcript is always available upon request at no additional cost
  • Bundled transcript (PRI Portfolio) – this is an efficient tool in your litigation preparation. This electronic file allows easy navigation between bookmarked transcripts (full-size and compressed) with hyperlinks to the exhibits.

Should you find yourself traveling to our offices in Columbus for your meeting or deposition, we will work hard to provide hassle-free service. You can expect the services listed above, as well as others:

  • Well-equipped, comfortable conference rooms
  • Private meeting rooms available during depositions
  • Discounted video conference center rates when scheduling one of our court reporters for your deposition at PRI
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Copying, faxing, printing services
  • We can arrange for lunches and provide beverages