PRI Court Reporting provides unparalleled service, whether it’s for a legal case, captioning, or CART. We will give each client the attention they deserve. All of PRI’s employees will work hard to build a relationship of trust and confidence. Prompt. Precise. Professional. – that is our promise to you.

The key services PRI offers include:

Court Reporting

PRI’s court reporters are employees that are dedicated to our firm and the success of our clients. Operating locally, we know the legal community and have built strong relationships. PRI court reporters have the experience to handle the most immediate needs of a client and routinely provide rough drafts, daily copies, and expedited transcripts, even on the most technical or complex case. Our highly skilled reporters have the qualifications, certifications, and experience to fulfill our promise of Prompt. Precise. Professional. reporting.

PRI provides the following court reporting services:


  • Realtime reporting is a service that allows the attorney to view the testimony as it is spoken by the witness and taken down by the court reporter. This is accomplished by our court reporter sending a wireless feed from their laptop to the client’s laptop. Realtime provides our clients with the advantage of immediate translation and read-back of questions and answers, and the ability to mark passages and search for key words or phrases.
  • Upon request, a PRI court reporter can send realtime translation to the litigation support software of your choice on your laptop, or we can provide a laptop for your use during the deposition.

Rough Drafts

  • Upon request, a rough draft can be provided during or at the conclusion of a deposition.

Internet depositions

  • If you would like to attend a deposition remotely, now you can. Or you can have an expert view another expert’s deposition translation simultaneously from his or her office. With a simple download of free software to your computer, PRI can stream the text live to your desktop. Call us to find out more about this cost-saving tool.

Trials and Arbitrations

  • Many times, attorneys will use the same reporter for all of the depositions in a case to provide consistency in their transcripts, and because they have developed a level of trust and confidence in the reporter. You can also schedule a PRI court reporter to cover your trial or arbitration to ensure that continuity. Call us today to make arrangements.

Conference Rooms

  • Our well-appointed conference rooms are available for you at no cost to conduct your deposition. We also provide complimentary wireless internet access and private meeting rooms to use during your deposition.

Nationwide Reporting Services

  • Many attorneys request our services outside of Columbus, Ohio. We realize that you trust us with your cases locally, so if you find yourself working on a case outside of Columbus and need the assured quality of a PRI court reporter, call us and we’ll make sure you receive the accuracy and quality you have come to know and trust.

Bundled Transcript Package

  • A bundled transcript package is an efficient tool in your litigation preparation.  This electronic file allows easy navigation between bookmarked transcripts (full size and compressed) with hyperlinks to the exhibits from the deposition.

Video Depositions

  • PRI Court Reporting can provide videography services for your depositions. The video can be produced in various digital formats to meet your needs.

Video/Text Synchronization

  • This is a file that allows the transcript and video to be viewed simultaneously with linked exhibits.
  • Instantly jump to a specific place in the video by performing a word search or using the page and line number from the transcript.
  • Compatible with Trial Director, Summation, LiveNote, Windows Media Player.

Download the Quick Deposition Scheduling Checklist to help make sure you have gathered all the details needed when scheduling your next deposition.