5 Things Your Court Reporter Needs To Prepare a Complete Transcript

Whether you’re taking your first or 50th deposition, there are a few items your court reporter needs in order to prepare a complete transcript and make sure you get exactly what you need to assist you with your litigation preparation.

While you may be very focused on your outline for the deposition, please remember your court reporter is gathering this information because she is thorough and good at her job, which is probably one of the reasons you’ve hired her in the first place.

  1. Case Caption.  The court reporter needs this information for the title page of the transcript.  If you or your […]
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Attorneys: 3 Things to Delegate to Your Legal Assistant

Many young attorneys are coming into the legal profession with increased technology skills.  This could be a double-edged sword in the legal office setting.  While it’s very helpful when an attorney can type and proficiently use word processing programs, there’s one important person that is being under-utilized:  your legal assistant.  Here are three things that you could delegate to her that will free you up to work on other tasks:

  1. Typing letters and other documents.  Most likely, your assistant has many, many templates for letters and other legal documents. Either dictate the letter for her or give her the basics of what […]
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Benefit From Your LOCAL Court Reporting Firm Relationship

There are many small, individually-owned court reporting firms in cities dotting the United States map.  Many of these firms are owned by a former or current court reporter themselves.  They understand the business of court reporting, how to keep a record of proceedings with a great degree of accuracy.  They build personal relationships with their attorney clients and the paralegals and assistants they work with.

Local court reporting firms have to fight to keep their business and to obtain new business, and the Goliath they are competing against are “national” court reporting firms.  These “national” firms hire outside sales representatives to […]

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Lessons Learned – by Angie Starbuck, RPR/CRR

As I left the blustery, cold weather of Columbus for the surfer-size waves and sunshine of Laguna Niguel, California, I anticipated all the knowledge I would gain at my first Firm Owners Conference sponsored by the National Court Reporters Association.  Little did I know I would make quick friends with other firm owners across the country and that they would be so willing to share their knowledge and experience to the newcomer.

I learned that a large networking event like Firm Owners can be like speed dating: Introduce yourself, exchange contact information and a little bit about each other, and move […]

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A Remarkable Evening – by Sara Clark, RPR/CRR/CCP/CBC

I had the unique opportunity last month to take an assignment for PRI Court Reporting at the 10th anniversary of The New Albany Community Foundation Remarkable Evening event, where former President Bill Clinton was the guest speaker.  PRI was asked to provide an overnight verbatim transcript of the President’s remarks so there could be no possible “misquotations” of him.  I, of course, was beyond thrilled to be asked to cover this job.  After I cleared the required background check (what a relief that was!), I was ready for the big event.

I was asked to arrive three hours prior to the […]

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How Can We Help You?

Our tagline reads:  Prompt.  Precise.  Professional.

Those are only three of the ways we can help our clients be more successful.

The court reporters at PRI are prompt, on time and ready to report the proceedings they are called upon for.  We deliver the transcripts on or before the expected delivery date.  Timing is important to you, so it is important to us.

We are precise.  In our profession, our duty is to report the proceedings before us in an unbiased, verbatim manner.  We take that duty seriously and strive to help attorneys and witnesses understand that a clean […]

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USMC and PRI Founder Share the Same Birthday. Who Knew?

A man is graduating from Marine Corps bootcamp this weekend. He is a Marine today and will be forever. His name is Zachary and he is only 19 years old. Zach is on the doorstep of the rest of his life and I’m sure he is proud, happy, and scared all at the same time. The Marine Corps also celebrates its birthday tomorrow. This is a unique holiday for these warriors, who celebrate and honor the Corps and country.

Linda Sturm, the founder of PRI, is also celebrating her birthday on November 10. It took me almost 20 years to put […]

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Captioning is glamorous; right? But 40 degrees! In a tent. Really!

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Streaming Text

PRI can stream your text over the Web. The participants merely log on to www.priohio.com and go to the chat room and can securely watch what is being said.

Witnesses, other attorneys in the case, or participants at seminars might find this useful. The reporter only needs an Internet connection. Call to schedule your realtime streaming text function.

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The Ohio Court Reporters Association (OCRA – NOT pronounced okra) met 3/4/11 through 3/6/11. A good time was had by all. Besides fun we also learned much. A seminar on commas and one on the semicolon, we were in punctuation heaven. The only thing better is when National had an all-day seminar on punctuation. There were good seminars, festivities for all, and Julia from PRI was installed this year again as a district director.  Easton Columbus with OCRA, what better way to spend a rainy weekend?

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