Quick Social Media Marketing Tips for Court Reporters

As court reporters, we typically do not think of ourselves as “salespeople.”  Yes, we try to sell our services at a deposition by offering realtime, rough drafts, and expedites, but we also need to think about marketing ourselves outside of the deposition or courtroom setting.

Social media can be a quick and easy way to let the world know about you and your unique skills and abilities!  Before diving headfirst into the social media world from a professional standpoint, think carefully about what kind of image you want to project.  Remember, how you present yourself can impact advancement of your career, […]

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When Should an Attorney Hire a CART Provider?

If you have ever worked with a client or witness who is deaf or hard of hearing, you both may have struggled with communication.  One of the many methods of assisting with communication for people who are deaf or hard of hearing utilizes the same process, equipment, and software that court reporters use.  That is called Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART).

Here are four tips on when and why it would be helpful to hire or request a CART provider in a legal setting:

  1. If your client is deaf or hard of hearing and they are being deposed, a CART provider could […]
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No Time For Lunch?

If you often find yourself making excuses to coworkers or yourself about why you can’t get away from your desk for lunch, you’re not alone!  According to a Right Management survey* of 1,023 workers, 28% said they seldom, if ever, take a break for lunch, and 39% of those workers say they do, but usually stay at their desk.

We have partnered with an expert in this field, Kim Cox, health coach at Benefit Wellness in Plain City, Ohio, to shed some light on the drawbacks of this habit and to provide some suggestions on how to break out of this […]

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Video Deposition Tips for Attorneys and Their Witnesses

Video depositions can be very helpful to your case and they are sometimes even necessary to be used during trial.  For these reasons, it would be to your benefit to make sure you get the best quality video you can.  Here are a few key things court reporters and videographers have learned over the years that will help with this and hopefully keep your video off YouTube with the search term “worst video deposition”!

1.  Reserve a conference room with adequate space to accommodate all the parties and the addition of a videographer and his/her equipment.

2.  Make sure all parties are […]

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Benefit From Your LOCAL Court Reporting Firm Relationship

There are many small, individually-owned court reporting firms in cities dotting the United States map.  Many of these firms are owned by a former or current court reporter themselves.  They understand the business of court reporting, how to keep a record of proceedings with a great degree of accuracy.  They build personal relationships with their attorney clients and the paralegals and assistants they work with.

Local court reporting firms have to fight to keep their business and to obtain new business, and the Goliath they are competing against are “national” court reporting firms.  These “national” firms hire outside sales representatives to […]

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USMC and PRI Founder Share the Same Birthday. Who Knew?

A man is graduating from Marine Corps bootcamp this weekend. He is a Marine today and will be forever. His name is Zachary and he is only 19 years old. Zach is on the doorstep of the rest of his life and I’m sure he is proud, happy, and scared all at the same time. The Marine Corps also celebrates its birthday tomorrow. This is a unique holiday for these warriors, who celebrate and honor the Corps and country.

Linda Sturm, the founder of PRI, is also celebrating her birthday on November 10. It took me almost 20 years to put […]

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PRI holiday gathering

PRI held its annual employee holiday gathering in January at Brio Polaris.  We thought it best to miss the hustle and bustle in December. We all enjoyed visiting with each other.  Gone are the days PRI hosted a client party at downtown COSI.  They were a lot of fun, but we are all not the “party animals” of the 1980s.  There are photos that will not be posted.

Attached are pictures of this year’s gathering.

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