Last Minute Holiday Tips

(Let me just clarify, I know this photo has nothing to do with a healthyChristmas palm trees
lifestyle, but it’s got a holiday feeling and they’re palm trees –
what’s more relaxing than seeing those in your inbox?!?)

There are some “holiday tips” that can be used year round.  The challenge is trying to remember them on a regular basis!  This blog post features some tips we gained at a luncheon seminar put on by the Women Lawyers of Franklin County which featured a presentation by two Columbus attorneys, Stephanie Hanna (OSBA) […]

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Would You Jeopardize Your Case?



Many attorneys and paralegals across the country get calls, e-mails, solicitations from large court reporting firms with an offer of great perks if the attorney will agree to allow that firm to cover all of their depositions.  Perhaps you personally have been the recipient of these efforts.  Your client, whether a large corporation or insurance company, may also be the recipient of these efforts.  These offers always sound beneficial in one way or another.  It may be a reduced rate on the transcript order.  It may be a waived appearance fee.  […]

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A Celebration of Life and a Life of Service

Five years ago, I purchased PRI from my longtime boss and mentor, Linda Sturm.  Five years ago, I wrote a blog article to celebrate her birthday.  This November, I attended a Celebration of Life service to honor, remember, and celebrate the life of Linda, who was no ordinary woman.  Her friends, family, coworkers, and employees all gathered to celebrate her life and her journey in this world.  I feel honored and fortunate to have shared 20 years of my career with Linda.  I am a better person, court reporter, and firm owner because of her.

Below is the blog article I […]

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Introducing Sarah Tsekretsidis, PRI Court Reporting Office Administrator join us in welcoming Sarah Tsekretsidis to the PRI team.  Sarah is our office administrator and handles our invoicing, scheduling, payroll, accounting, and office administration.  Sarah has picked up very quickly on the court reporting industry and she is able to provide solutions to our clients’ challenges. She is very thorough and has excellent customer relations skills, working to resolve client requests promptly.

Here’s an opportunity to learn a little more about Sarah:

How long have you been working at PRI Court Reporting?
I have been with PRI since April 2017.

Describe what you […]

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In Memory of Linda Sturm


Our hearts are very heavy today after the passing of one of the co-founders of PRI, Linda Sturm. Linda co-founded Professional Reporters, Inc. (PRI) in 1980 and worked tirelessly to advance the court reporting field as well as the CART/captioning field. She was a leader in Columbus in both areas, which is demonstrated by being one of the first to provide realtime translation in depositions and developing and providing closed captioning for WCMH.

Linda had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best attorneys the city of Columbus has had. She often […]

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Jury Duty and CART

Recently PRI was contacted to provide CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) services to a potential juror in Franklin County, Ohio, who was hard of hearing.  This individual (consumer) has used CART services in the past and was very familiar with the benefits and impact of CART.

CART is accomplished by having a court reporter listening and taking down what is being said and transmitting the feed to a laptop for the consumer to view and read.  It is the position of the National Court Reporters Association that, “A CART provider should refrain from working in the dual capacity of official reporter […]

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My Experience with Jury Duty – by Rhonda Lawrence

16140571199_fddf693906_z (1)I have been called to jury duty twice, and both times I was released immediately for the mere fact that I am a court reporter, being told I know too much about the legal process and know too many attorneys.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to be a CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) provider for a hearing-impaired juror.  Not only was it my first opportunity to sit with a jury, but it was also my first murder trial.  Working as a freelance reporter, generally all of […]

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An Interview with Columbus Court Reporter – Andrea Crago

PRI Court Reporting is lucky enough to have a very talented and experienced team of employees.  Andrea Crago is a court reporter in Columbus, Ohio and she has been with PRI for 23 years.  While Andrea has concentrated her work in the CART setting for many years, she also has deposition experience as well.  Andrea is very professional, knowledgeable, and talented.  You may have met her at a deposition or CART job, so here’s a chance to get to know her a little better.

How long have you been a court reporter?
I have been a reporter for over 35 years, but […]

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Are YOU Your Toughest Competitor?

“The individual who only does enough to get by seldom gets much more than “by.” – Napoleon Hill

We’ve all heard the sayings, “You get out what you put in,” or “Garbage in, garbage out,” but this quote that I received in my daily e-mail from the Napoleon Hill Foundation freshened up this principle for me.

If you want to get more than “by,” how about applying these principles to your career, your faith, and your personal relationships in the coming year?  Not a New Year’s resolution, but a commitment to yourself to do your personal best every day.

The phrase that struck […]

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Inside Look at PRI Court Reporting

_dsc3326editedThe PRI court reporters are definitely the face of our company.  They are the people who are out in the field daily, working with attorneys, expert witnesses, consumers of CART, etc.  They represent the best of our brand here at PRI and each one of them embodies the traits we list in our tagline:  Prompt.  Precise.  Professional.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our fantastic office staff. Gary and Gina are the behind-the-scenes staff that work hard to meet all of our clients’ needs.  They handle scheduling, […]

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